Rapid Reels

Rapid reels feature is randomly chosen, and each of the five reels spin independently to add 1 of 4 rows symbols to each reel, and the more win lines there are in play, the bigger the prize! Each winning combination comes with the digital multiplier, which increases with each bet level up to 5x. The multiplierx is added on top of every new feature and in some respects its just added. The aforementioned wild symbol brings with it some really cool value and substitution extremely well. The crazy hot free spin feature is triggered when any 3 or more funny symbols appear in a single spin and the winning symbols remain locked in their places for the entire duration. It really is a unique feature to take part in, but the rewards for it makes up for it. Players get the chance to win as many as 300 credits when playing the bonus feature called first. This bonus round can turn a maximum of 1,000 times. This is triggered in almost every free spin, and upon landing it on reels, the game will show you the number of games for you - up to 5,000! Aladdin: this scatter symbol unlocks a luminous mini-roulette bonus round, which will be activated with three or more scatter symbols. As the names you get to begin with the bonus, the roulette will apply a 3x multiplier to your total bet. You'll receive a prize from the knights but with the chance to spin again, it could be much higher. The dragon symbol acts as a wild and can help you to match up matches across the reels, helping you achieve this in combinations. The wild can represent any of the other symbols on the board and help increase the chances of getting a winning combination. The red dice is the only regular wild, helping to match a line of other symbols. This means that it can represent other symbols on the reels and help to create winning combinations. Theres also a bonus phase too where you'll have the chance of collecting up to 10 extra wilds. This means that the bonus phase starts when you land on the first reel and doesnt include the rest of the game. Here, you'll get the chance to increase the wild symbols in a while, not least in the way if you're only interested in the special bonus. The well-known 4th reel can also features a gamble button that gives you the chance to double the win if you correctly guess it for the next color you've got, or its just like the gamble features. The special function to trigger, meanwhile, is a bonus wheel of fortune. To begin the thunderspin jackpots feature you're presented with three wheels and five, during which you can win one of four face-down playing card as a standard symbol that ends in the top three.


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Rapid Reels Slot for Free

Software Microgaming
Slot Types Classic Slots
Reels 3
Paylines 5
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol
Min. Bet 0.25
Max. Bet 25
Slot Themes
Slot RTP 94.95

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