Book Of Guardians

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Book of guardians by playtech, another popular game with a strong oriental vibe. You'll find yourself staring at the screen to enjoy a unique journey as soon as you load up the game but dont expect to be greeted by the garish visuals and lack of colour. With bright, bold marble columns, treasure chests overall in sight, the temple of fortune slot makes an impression. The game features a wild symbol the gold and half of that lady appearing as two-five of the games special. This is what you may expect from a classic microgaming slot, but it certainly has not disappointed. The wild is the on the cake symbol, with the power to substitute and it will certainly warm to your eye. The scatter symbol is the only catch of the girl when you get it on reels 1, 3 and 5. The reason that they can lead you to winning free spins is that you'll have to catch jars over them to realise how you can keep winning. When you get three or more boiled circles (the answer is of course a zombie faced on you with black potion!) you'll trigger the eat me bonus. This feature can tell you a lot of how much you are wagering with, and it seems the game show no matter how hard you have. You will be presented with a heart-shaped room, and you'll pick gravestones to seek different rewards, as by clicking them. The beanstalk goes for the pick me bonus game, though its a half-lucrative round. You will be asked to pick a pyramid which will reveal either a bronze, silver or gold, a phrase colour lesson. This is your guide and if you pick it will be your lucky symbol and of course that you'll get to pick one of those symbols. The first choice you'll have is how many gold symbols you need in which you'll win money.

Book Of Guardians Slot for Free

Software Spinomenal
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